Buyer Initiated Payments to Suppliers (BIPSTM)
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    Buyer – led Financing Program
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    Access finance at lower than market rates
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    Grow your business
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    Better manage working capital
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    Reduce risk
Buyer Initiated Payments

 How BIPSTM Works

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    Step 1

    Supplier uploads invoice

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    Step 2

    Buyer approves invoice

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    Step 3

    Factor disburses funds to Supplier as per pre-approved rate

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    Step 4

    Buyer pays Factor on due date

Focus on growing your business

Vayana Network works with Buyers and their Suppliers base to structure incentives for early payment or term extensions on their receivables. The complete process from invoicing to financing to tracking Buyer payments is digital and integrated with existing accounting/ERP solutions.

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Leverage Buyer’s credit profile
  • Get financed at the most competitive rates
  • Zero mail float, no legal costs, no collateral
  • Better DSO metrics, faster sales realisation
  • Reduce debt
  • Costs rolled into early payment discounts
  • Automated invoice to payment reconciliation
Invoice Reconciliation
Electronic Invoicing

Benefits for Buyers

  • Get early payment discounts from Supplier
  • Lower DPO, without additional debt
  • No direct interest costs
  • Electronic invoicing and data integration
  • Automated invoice to payment reconciliation
  • Reduce Supplier queries
  • Deepen relationships with Supplier
  • Get better procurement terms

Benefits for Factors

  • Expand business through access to Buyers and their Suppliers on a single platform
  • Reduce risk by financing only Buyer approved invoices
  • Reduce operational costs by collecting from the large Buyer instead of the smaller Suppliers
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Increase utilization as Vayana Network will actively market the program to all counterparties
  • Get daily settlement information
Benefits of Factoring

The Vayana Network Advantage

Supply Chain Finance Solutions

 Meet the BIPSTM Experts


Executive Chairman - US


EVP - International Product & Ops Head

Our Affiliations

International Factoring Asssociation
Commercial Finance Association

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