Pay LaterEasy. Digital. Fast.


Deferred Payments

Seller paid discounted value on behalf of Buyer

Supplier Finance

Seller gets financed, Buyer pays as per credit terms

Payable Financing

Buyer gets financed for on-time Seller payment


Commercial Cards

Seller receives discounted value, Buyer pays on due date

$40K - $20Mn.Credit Lines

180+Supply Chains
Manufacturing to Ecommerce


Supplier Finance

Sellers access cheaper receivable financing from Vayana Network's Financing partners through Buyer referral. There is no debt on Buyer's books. Minimal or no collateral is required for this financing

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Payable Financing

Buyer gets financed for its payables from Vayana Network's Financing Partners. Seller gets paid upto invoice value. There is no debt on Seller's book. Minimal or No collateral is required for this financing.

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Deferred Payments with or without Commercial Cards

Vayana Network works with its Financing Partners to issue limits/ commercial cards to Buyers. Buyer accepts the payment obligation, sellers are paid discounted value. Depending on the arrangement, minimal or no collateral for Buyer, none for Sellers.

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The Vayana Network Advantage

Invoices and Purchase Orders are directly picked up from the current ERP/ Accounting Systems. Invoice wise Payment and Settlement Dashboard eliminates reconciliation issues.

No investment required in IT, processes or people. Other than a minimal annual processing fee to Vayana Network, no other fees.

Every trade document is digitally signed and evidenced by both Buyer and Seller. We are PCI certified on handling of card data.

We partner with some of the largest Banks, Financial Institutions and Global Payment Networks to offer innovative Trade Financing services.

Our team of Bankers, Technologists and Fintech Engineers have amongst them over 200 person years of experience in Trade Financing solutions.


NO. You do not have to buy any new software or hardware. A computer and an internet connection is the only requirement.
NO. Vayana Network will work with the company to ensure that we integrate to current business processes and workflows.
If you have digital signatures issued by an authorized provider - then there is no need to procure a new signature. If you do not have a digital signature - Vayana Network will facilitate procurement of the required signature from the authorized providers.
Vayana Network will provide the Buyer, Seller and the Financing Partner daily reports that include an overall dashboard and detailed invoice level reconciliation information with all their Trading Partners.
NO.  The Financing will be done by the Financing Partner associated with that specific program. Vayana Network will work with the Buyer, Seller and Financing Institution to create the network and facilitate the flow of trade documents electronically through our network. 
YES. Vayana Network adheres to highest standards of confidentiality and data privacy. Vayana Network is also PCI DSS compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified.