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Factoring is a Tough Business

The $120-billion-dollar factoring business is increasingly being challenged by banks and asset-based lenders as well as technology driven alternative lenders with access to cheaper financing, wider distribution and provide a more positive customer experience. Competition is rising, margins are compressing and customers have options that never existed before.

Let Us Help You Focus On Growing Your Business

Focus on cultivating customer relationships, providing credit lines and managing collections while we help you with a managed buyer initiated payment financing business.


Our award-winning program is easily implementable, readily scalable and helps you grow your business by increasing utilization of credit limits and counteracting challengers arising in the market.

Key Challenges We Address


High customer acquisition cost of supplier led factoring programs


Significant risk in absence of invoice confirmation and acceptance by buyer


Market disruption caused by new FinTech entrants drawing business away from factors

Buyer Initiated Payments for Suppliers (BIPS)

We help factors and lenders with a managed buyer initiated payment financing business which is scalable, risk controlled and sustainable.

Check out the key features here;


No changes to current formats or processes with zero additional investment


Sellers bear financing cost, making it attractive for buyers


Reduced risk by factoring buyer approved invoices and collecting from larger buyers rather than smaller suppliers


Fastest process to onboard many suppliers for a single buyer


Capture the invoice to invoice acceptance documents and flow


Offers off balance sheet financing, thereby improving liquidity and avoiding leverage while keeping debt to equity ratio low

Benefits to Buyers

  • Lower DPO, without additional debt
  • Automated Invoice to Payment Reconciliation
  • Substantially reduced Seller Queries
  • No direct interest costs to Buyer
  • Ability to seek early payment discounts from Seller
  • Electronic Invoicing and data integration

Benefits to Sellers

  • No financial due diligence
  • Zero mail float
  • Costs rolled into early payment discounts
  • Automated invoice to payment reconciliation
  • Better DSO metrics, faster sales realization
  • Reduced debt

Why Choose Vayana Network?

Focus on Business Growth

Value-Added Services

Accelerate Confirmation and Acceptance

Track and Enhance Workflows

Factors and lenders can focus on cultivating customer relationships, while providing the credit lines and managing collections
Vayana Network provides training to your sales and operations team as well as for buyers and sellers
Accelerates invoice-invoice acceptance document or data to your factoring system to execute the necessary accounting and remittance entries
Vayana Network also follows up with buyers and sellers to track and enhance flows as well as provide daily settlement information to ensure drawdown compliance and overdue tracking


Vayana Network has been serving factors, payment networks and financial institutions for over 12 years with products and services. We connect buyers and sellers and offer financing solutions across supply chains. Our award winning Buyer Initiated Invoicing Financing solution has been developed after detailed market research and product development to provide for a frictionless experience for buyers and sellers, improve the coverage on the debtor’s invoice verification and acceptance, allow for new product creation all while lowering the risk to the factor or lender.

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