GST GUIDE: Simplifying GST, step by step with CEO GSTN Prakash Kumar

GST guide


Even though the rollout of GST is set for the 1st of July, there are more questions than answers, with regards to the process. The very first question that remains for many, is a holistic understanding of GST. The next question that most organizations are seeking answers to is, how will the return filing procedure work.

With the help of these interviews, this blog deals with helping people find the answers to the second question along with CEO if the GSTN, Prakash Kumar with Zee Business.

You will find in these videos-

  • An introduction to have the technology supporting the GSTN infrastructure that has been tested for stability and usability
  • A breakdown of the enrollment process
  • The answers to how to find information on the documentation needed and submitting the same
  • An understanding of the importance of the digitally authorized signatory
  • An explanation of the filing process
  • An introduction to the free offline tool built to simplify filling for micro SMEs and SMEs
  • Managing payment of returns


To put it in simple words, while the new process to tax filing and return management might seem daunting and intimidating right now, the entire process has been built to enable simplified yet transparent filing. With time, this process is likely to see some more modifications for further simplification and ease of use.