Dot Net Engineer

Location : Pune

Experience : 2-4 Years

The Product

Vayana Network provides a B2B Trade Digitization platform for SMEs and Corporates to collaborate and work with Financial Institutions to raise short term fundings for payables and receivables financing. Vayana Network is thus well placed to help Corporates and their Supply Chains to meet their GST needs. Vayana’s role as a GSP and its ability to digitize and reconcile trade data at source enables it to cater to each individual member’s GST needs. Our network is PCI compliant and runs 24*7 on the cloud and we are hosted on Amazon AWS.


The platform is built using a polygot technology stack

  • Platform Backend: JVM
  • Web Layer: ReactJS and related ecosystem, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap
  • API & Business Layer: Kotlin and functional programming
  • Client Apps and Customer Integrations: Kotlin, Jersey ReST Framework, home grown optimized HTTP and SQL libraries
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
  • Database: MySQL
    • JVM – Hibernate & Exposed as ORM library
    • Python – SQLAlchemy as ORM library
  • Build Tools: Gradle, Shell Scripting, AWS Code Build, Jenkins
  • Ops Automation: Ansible, Terraform
  • Servers: Ubuntu Linux
  • Version Control: GIT
  • Test Automation: Python – unittest, pyhamcrest, freshen, nose. JVM – Junit, Kotlin Test
  • Cloud Providers: Amazon AWS, Linode


Who are we?

We are a self organized engineering team with a passion for programming and solving business problems for our customers. We strongly believe that building reliable and relevant systems is a craft and hence we welcome candidates from any programming language background as long as there is willingness to learn programming languages, tools, frameworks and libraries that are chosen from time to time while building solutions. We also believe that to add maximum value to our customers via building the right solutions using the right tools, one needs to have an open mindset and continuously adapt and learn new technical skills.

Who are we looking for?

We want to add 8-10 members in our team having hands on technical experience of 2-4 years. These team members are expected to participate in the development, testing, deployment and reliability engineering of the systems being built and enhanced to deliver customer experience aligned with company and product vision. We are also want to add 4-5 senior members in our teams having hands on technical experience of 5+ years. In addition to hands on contribution to building solutions these senior members are also expected to own up systems, team members, technology spikes, refactorings of system design and architecture and manage the end-to-end lifecycle from product feature discussions to deploying in production and facilitating customer support wherever required.

What we expect?

We encourage our team to continuously learn new technologies and apply the learnings in the day to day work even if the new technologies are not adpopted. You will strive to continuously improve our DevOps practices and expertise to form a solid backbone for the product, customer relationships and sales teams which enables them to add new customers every week to our financing network.

As an engineering team member, you will –

  • Work collaboratively with product, customer support and DevOps team to build, enhance, maintain, deploy and operate our systems.
  • Continuously automate operational processes to improve efficiencies and productivity and enhance customer experience
  • Work closely with the architect to continuously refactor the system architecture and design to meet the changing landscape triggered by technology changes and business growth
  • Work with the DevOps team to build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations.
  • Ensure that development processes and deliverables always adhere to the mandates laid down for for various certifications (PCI and ISO 27001 in particular)

Skills required

  • Pre-requisites: Competent in any programming language (Java preferred because of ecosystem familiarity), database, HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Should be passionate about technology and ready to deep dive into programming
  • Should have sound expertise of writing testable code and appreciate defect free coding
  • Should be willing to handle Ops automation and production support
  • Should be able to reason/argue/discuss/suggest solutions and alternatives
  • Should be able to decipher the core problem to be solved during discussions with product team and/or customers
  • Should have good communication skills and experience working in teams
  • Knowledge of Python will be an added advantage
  • Experience of working in financial domain will help but not a necessity

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