CFA 2019 Fintech & Innovation Forum


The 2019 FinTech & Innovation Forum will set the stage and give valuable insight into what the commercial finance industry may look like over the next 3 to 5 years. With technology changing at a break-neck pace, knowing what innovations may disrupt the market or offer lucrative opportunities is key to success.

Vayana Network’s Supply Chain Finance expert, Kannan Ramasamy, Chairman – US, is a panellist at the event.

Emerging Technologies:

An interactive, facilitated brainstorming session with CEOs from today’s top tech companies. Learn about the newest platforms and processes hitting the market, the value these technologies provide, reactions of traditional players, and what’s coming next.

Other panellists:

  • Andrew Bertolina, CEO, Finvoice
  • Ken So, Founder & CEO, Flowcast


  • Richard Palmieri,  Managing Partner, ANR Partners, LLC

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