GST Suvidha Provider, Vayana Network Receives ISO Certification for Highest Information Security

Information is one of the most critical elements of the GST ecosystem with the financial and taxation data of taxpayers is being shared with the GSTN. In such a situation, information security takes very high priority. With this in mind, the GSTN Council and the Indian Finance Ministry requested all the authorised GST Suvidha Providers to schedule and ISO certification audit.

Considering this request from the Ministry and the Council, Pune based Vayana Network is ready to meet all the standards being already ISO 27001:2013 certified which is the highest certification for information security. “Being one of the first few GSPs to have completed the ISO 27001:2013 certification, it reflects our system readiness as well” said Raghuram Ramakrishnan, Executive Vice President – Product, Operations and International Business, Vayana Network.

Briefing about the certification, Raghuram Ramakrishnan also said, “Vayana Network’s ISO 27001:2013 certification is a reflection of our commitment to comply with all legal, regulatory, contractual obligations to protect the business-sensitive and operational information maintained by the GSP. Vayana Network has been compliant to PCI-DSS (Payments Card Industry) standard for over 3 years and has a robust understanding of policies, processes, controls, and risk-mitigants to be implemented to ensure highest standards for information security management.”