Start uploading invoices on GSTN portal: GST officials

Source: Sakal Times

Pune: With the provision of uploading sales and purchase invoice on the Goods and Services Network (GSTN) website coming live from July 24, GST officials, as well as GST Suvidha Providers (GSP), are appealing to large businesses and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to commence the uploading process.

According to them, industry members must commence uploading their invoices to avoid last minute confusion while filing the returns for July in the month of September.

GST expert from GSP Vayana Network, Sanjay Phadke said if there are a limited number of invoices then directly uploading the invoices on the GST portal makes sense. “Since GSTN portal has started accepting uploading of sale and purchase invoices of businesses generated post-GST rollout, it is advised that businesses, particularly MSMEs and larger businesses generating a large number of invoices should start uploading invoice data to either GSTN portal straightaway or through selected ASPs/GSPs,” he explained.

Elaborating further, he said, “If they wait until September when the July return will be already due, there will be unnecessary rush and pressure which they can avoid if they start uploading now. Apart from uploading invoice data, Vayana Network is also helping their customers with item level invoice matching and reconciliation between buyers and suppliers so that it becomes easier for them to claim input tax credit,” he said.

Adding to this, sources said that if companies commence uploading invoices, the GSTN module can be tested in real-time and any necessary changes can be made if any shortcomings in the portal are found.

“The government wants to test the portal and if invoice uploads start, they will be able to point out flaws and make the necessary amendments. They are thus appealing to companies, who are GST ready, to start uploading their invoices,” the sources elaborated.

‘Avoid confusion later’
Commissioner, Central GST, Rajesh Pandey said that it is advised to start uploading the invoices so that mistakes can be rectified leading to less confusion in September. “It is best for any company to start uploading their sales and purchases invoices offline on available software or on the GSTN portal. If they keep feeding data, they can also rectify any mistakes before the return filing in September. This will ensure that there is no last minute rush or confusion,” he explained.