Organizations across diverse sectors prefer Vayana Network for their Trade Financing and GST compliance needs.

Agriculture is the most cyclical of sectors and has the highest need for supply chain financing, yet it is the toughest for FIs to finance. Vayana Network has facilitated an end-to-end Supply Chain Finance solution for a mid-corporate; through a Commercial Card for the Corporate for it’s long tail payables; and also through a comprehensive Dealer financing program with adequate risk cover to the Lender.

Vayana Network worked with a large automotive components firm in South India to create a Vendor financing program that addressed the issue of payments to their long tail vendors. The program was structured through a Deferred Payment product using a Commercial Card – where there was no debt incurred by the Corporate and there was no due diligence for the Vendors. The successful implementation resulted in additional working capital in the Supply Chain with zero collateral from the Corporate and 90% drop in Vendor queries.

Vayana Network created a scalable Dealer Financing program for one of India’s largest metals marketplace as an unsecured lending from a leading MNC Bank. Vayana Network integrated seamlessly with dealers, the marketplace and the bank to provide real-time acceptances and financing.

Vayana Network is currently implementing a payables program with a leading hospital in Mumbai covering its Vendors for goods and services. The uniqueness of this program is differential discount rates and terms for different categories of Vendors. The hospital will be able to streamline its payments and improve its margins by negotiating early payment discounts – without impacting the cash position.

A leading Cable manufacturer was looking to increase their channel engagement and penetration. Vayana Network worked with a large Public Sector Bank to structure a Buyer Financing program. With Vayana Network’s simple onboarding steps even smaller dealers in remote locations got covered helping the company grow its market share in these markets.

A number of Suppliers to India’s leading fashion marketplace had limited access to formal finance. The growth opportunities were tremendous, but working capital was scarce. Vayana Network structured a Supplier Financing program with it’s Funding Partner. Invoice-wise reconciliation led to a tremendous drop in Supplier queries.

Textiles and garments is an extremely fragmented distribution business and it is a challenge to collect receivables early. For one of India’s largest textile manufacturer, Vayana Network has implemented a Dealer financing program through a large public sector bank, with a multifold increase in dealer enrollment over the years.

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