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    Supply Chain Finance is a short term working capital to dealers/suppliers of both buyer and seller side having trade relationships with mid-large corporate. Supply chain finance also optimizes the working capital requirements of an anchor. Supply chain finance solutions allow your business to hold on to cash for a longer period and ensure that your suppliers get paid on time.

    SCF offers a rare “win-win” scenario for all. If implemented properly, the entire supply chain – buyers, suppliers, and financial intermediaries will stand to benefit from SCF.

    All transactions in Supply Chain Finance are linked to a base document (Invoice), Purchase Orders (PO), or Delivery Challans between the Anchor and the dealers/suppliers of both buyer and seller side.

    Expand Working Capital

    Even during short timeframes
    Minimize investment
    Grow business volumes

    Quick Payments

    Early payment to suppliers

    Expand Reach

    With last-mile retailers, distributors and suppliers getting covered

    Improve Supplier & Distributor Relations

    Keep suppliers happy with timely payments

    No Risks Involved

    No borrowing on your balance sheet
    The certainty of cash flows

    Affordable Finance Solutions

    No more heavy paperwork or hard collateral
    Reduce the cost of borrowing

    Vayana Network’s Supply Chain Finance Solutions

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    Vayana’s offerings are tailor-made to ease working capital management

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