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Mohan Yelappa

Petroleum Dealer

Mr. Yelappa has found Vayana’s Invoice Financing services to be greatly beneficial in maintaining financial discipline with business purchases and payments.

Girish Gowda

Manufacturing Channel Partner

Mr. Gowda’s previous experience with Vayana’s Invoice Financing services have helped him maintain good supply chain relationships and comfortably offer credit to his buyers.

Dipti Jalan

FMCG Distributor

Dipti Jalan is an FMCG Distributor, who has demonstrated her experience with V-TAP, through various benefits.

Shreyans Kumar


Shreyans, a Distributor from Bangalore, finds V-TAP credit hassle-free and time-saving, over a traditional Bank loan.

Nirgranth and Samkit Shah

LED light and Bulb Manufacturer

Aditek Energy found Vayana's Supply Chain Finance services instrumental in enhancing their working capital management - helping with production and business growth.