Why do you need to
verify all your invoices?

Financial Risks

1. Sampling checks leave fraud detection to chance

2. Your deployed funds bleed until discrepancy is detected

3. Delayed warning signals and discrepancy reports

Operational Inefficiencies

1. Verification is expensive and

2. Manual checking of physical
documents is error prone

3. Lower TAT leads to an inferior
customer experience

Compliance Challenges

1. Verification gets completed only after disbursement

2. Verification is based on random sampling

Why choose Vayana
Trade Verification Service?


Easy Integration with
Existing Trade Systems

Facilitates smooth adoption without disrupting existing operations.


Enhanced Risk Mitigation

Minimize financial losses resulting from fraudulent or non-compliant invoices.


100% Invoice Verification

Ensure real-time verification on every single invoice, maintaining 100% accuracy.


Shield From Unauthorized
Access or Breaches

Ensure utmost confidentiality and security of data.


Operational Efficiency
and Cost Reduction

Streamlines operations by automating manual tasks and reduces likelihood of errors.


Customize Risk Tolerance

Institutions can set discrepancy tolerance to meet organizational levels and limit manual scrutiny.

Use Cases

Use Case: TAT Reduction

Problem: Manual invoice verification increases financing overhead for customer and operational cost, while being prone to manual errors.

Solution: Real-time invoice verification against e-way bill data allows 100% verification before funding (instead of sampling approach post-financing)

Use Case: Enhanced Trade Transparency

Problem: Financial Institutions struggle to mitigate fraud risks in trade finance, especially if confirmation of trade by other party is not possible.

Solution: TVS authenticates invoices by cross-checking movement of goods through e-way bills, thereby reducing fraud risk

To get started with fraud-proof invoice verification,

write to us at gst@vayana.com