InvestaX and Vayana partner to launch new debt-based financial products

Vayana and InvestaX have announced a strategic partnership at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, aiming to revolutionize the availability of debt-based financial products, particularly in the Singapore and APAC markets.

InvestaX, a licensed tokenization platform operating in regulated capital markets, will bring its real-world asset capital markets capabilities and financial platform running business ecosystem to the table, while Vayana will contribute its extensive experience in Real World Assets B2B Technologies, Trade Finance guidance and market knowledge across various segments, including SMEs alongside credit risk consultancy. Vayana’s SaaS – Vayana Debt Platform” will be at play in the phase one.

This collaboration is expected to result in the development of innovative debt-based products that meet the evolving needs of the APAC market. Both companies are committed to working closely to achieve these goals through technological innovation and their combined expertise in capital markets and trade finance structures.

This partnership not only marks a significant step forward in the financial sector but also highlights the growing synergy between Singapore’s and India’s FinTech landscapes, with the potential to benefit the broader APAC region.

Vayana’s division, “Emerging Tech Platforms – ETP,” which initiated this partnership, is dedicated to leveraging new-age technologies and emerging domains across global markets to democratize access to trade finance for even the smallest enterprises. The partnership with InvestaX aligns with this mission and is set to establish a new standard for financial collaborations, benefiting not only their respective clientele but also the broader financial community in Singapore and beyond.

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