Vayana’s Emerging Domains aims to provide affordable credit to MSMEs / micro-entrepreneurs and trade-linked industries that are neglected by formal finance through a wide range of institutional and accredited lenders. We use democratizing approach of Platforms, Pipes, Possibilities and alongside futuristic technological interventions such as blockchain, CBDC infrastructure, and tokenization, to route capital to businesses.

Liquidity providers too, get to deploy capital to a wider audience in a cost-effective and
risk-monitored environment.


Facilitate growth of deserving MSMEs/ Micro Entrepreneurs & alongside other incidental areas where the working capital credit gap remains globally. We do that by providing or facilitating finance via new age technologies-approaches such as DLT.

Our solutions will be Simple, Trustworthy, Scalable, Sustainable, Risk-rated, Affordable & Innovative (or early adopter). Customers would be at the heart of what we develop always and we will aim to always have best-in-class product-solution.

Run Your Real-World Debt
Financing Marketplace
On Chain

The Vayana Debt Platform (“VDP”) is a comprehensive blockchain-based loan operating system for digital currencies/deposit tokens/CBDC/Fiat. It enables regulated/alternate lenders and other credit investors to lend to businesses on the Blockchain, harnessing the power of smart contracts to fully digitize their lending operations.

Disclaimer: All Products/services would be subject to the participant having obtained regulatory permission to operate the same in their own jurisdiction and the participants are adhering to the laws of the relevant jurisdiction, if applicable. Vayana’s role will be limited to acting as a service provider only.

Vayana Debt Platform

your bridge to on-chain lending

Offered as white labelled/Private Labelled Saas with customizations and regular feature updates

Reliable support and assistance through detailed flowcharts, SOPs and training

Options to avail services such as Borrower Referral Services, Credit Information Services, Facilitation of Legal Documentation and Facilitation of Debt Collection

Deploy on multiple public, private and & permissioned blockchains of your choice or if required any other tech

Choice of Settlement: Digital Currency, Fiat, Deposit Tokens and CBDC

How VDP Works?

VDP Detailed Overview

Benefits of VDP

How VDP Works?

VDP Detailed Overview

Benefits of VDP

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