Breaking barriers in global lending: Introducing the Vayana Debt Platform

Vayana is proud to unveil its latest ground-breaking offering the Vayana Debt Platform —a Software- as-a-Service solution designed specifically for global lenders. This cutting-edge, white-labelled platform revolutionizes the way credit flows by dismantling the invisible yet rigid barriers that have long hindered the movement of capital. Let’s briefly look into the world of digital currencies and smart contracts first to understand how they work.

Digital currencies, in simple terms, are virtual forms of currency that exist solely in electronic format. They ensure secure financial transactions and eliminate the need for intermediaries such as banks and they are borderless. By using Stablecoin, a cryptocurrency pegged to a real currency (such as USDC to USD).

Now, let’s uncover the power of smart contracts. These are self-executing contracts with predefined conditions written into code. Once these conditions are met, the contract automatically executes the agreed-upon terms without requiring manual intervention. This simplifies and automates complex processes, such as disbursement.

With digital currencies and smart contracts gaining mainstream acceptance, Vayana’s platform couldn’t come at a better time. Vayana’s approach streamlines cross-border lending as compared to traditional financial systems. And the platform supports all ERC20 tokens such as Stablecoin, it can maintain the stability and impression of fiat money, just in a digital currency format. The last point is important, as it makes using digital currencies more amenable to small businesses who might be hesitant to otherwise use a digital currency. Hence, it brings credit and innovation to a much more diverse group of borrowers. As for the traditional banks in permissible jurisdictions, it offers them a bridge into emerging lending technologies. With this, Vayana is able to break down silos and level the playing field, narrowing the gaps that exist between the credit economies of developing and developed countries.

As using this platform, a lender based in Europe can seamlessly lend to even borrowers in Brazil. Vayana offers comprehensive origination, verification, validation, and credit underwriting services. This assures the quality of the borrower and creates a secure lending environment for both borrowers and lenders to thrive.

Thus, Vayana’s Software-as-a-Service and white labelled solution offering represents a significant leap forward in the global credit movement. By embracing digital currencies, smart contracts, borrower verification, origination, and credit underwriting, Vayana breaks down barriers and empowers lenders and borrowers alike. The age of seamless, secure, and efficient credit transfers has arrived, and Vayana is at the forefront of it. It is borderless, can make settlements in real-time, and enables peer-to-peer credit transfers.

Vayana’s Debt Platform is currently functional in countries where on-off ramping of digital assets is supported by law. This SaaS is currently unavailable to the Indian market. The offering will be on the basis of each jurisdiction’s permissibility and Vayana’s role in the process will remain as a tech provider only.

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